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September 22, 2020
APPC-10SLB - Room Booking - broad

Room Occupation or Capacity

Implement a Room Signage or Room Booking solution to show whether the room is occupied or free, or get insights on the remaining capacity with the SLB as a Capacity Management solution.

Our prize-winning 10-inch Panel PCs from the SLB Series are often used in Room Booking, Access Control, Wayfinding and Signage solutions.

The devices come with a Surround LED Bar and are available in black and white and Intel and Android. A new option is the integrated NFC Reader.

Want to a get grip on your room booking?

APPC-10SLBW - front and back - broad

White it is!

With its Surround LED Bar, the APPC-10SLBW is the ultimate solution for Room Booking, Wayfinding and Signage applications as well as Customer Feedback systems. The white casing makes it a unique product and a clean, high-quality addition to any organisation. Especially for healthcare purposes, this white solution will blend into any medical environment.

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The Complete Solution

The 10-inch SLB displays are the most complete solution for Room Booking, Digital Signage and Security applications as well as Customer Feedback systems. The commercial standard (24/7 usage) tablet supports PoE and allows for individual control of the LEDs that make up the Surround LED Bar. This makes it possible to have a real-time view of Room Cccupancy, Customer Satisfaction ratings and Access Control at any time.

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IPPC 10 SLB Security broad

Integrate Security with Reliability

ARAS Security is a distributor of electronic security products and systems and has opted for the IPPC-10SLB. The Surround LED Bar allows ARAS Security to visualise the status of a space and informs people when they need to leave the building, along with many other functions. This makes buildings safer and more intelligent.

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