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May 6, 2021

The office as a meeting place

This year, workplace management has undoubtedly become more important than ever. But how do we do this efficiently? To understand this, we need to know that with trends like the war on talent and the hybrid workplace, the office is increasingly used as a meeting place.

To optimally facilitate these meetings, Digital Signage solutions are indispensable. These include:

Our smart hardware functionalities

Our all-in-one touch displays have undergone years of development to make workplace management as efficient as possible. Our hardware is also equipped with a range of smart functionalities. This is why our hardware is popular with our global partners when they are in need for reliable Corporate Digital Signage hardware:

  • Extra signalling: immediately see whether a meeting room and/or desk is available with a full RGB LED bar on the display (available as surround or 2-sided bar).
  • Connectivity: the different I/O ports and options like Power over Ethernet make the displays easy to install. With Power over Ethernet, you can also connect them to the Internet, where Wi-Fi is an option too.
  • Different sizes for different purposes: for a desk booking solution, you might want to choose a small 7-inch display (like the 7XPL or IPPC-07). For a wayfinding system, on the other hand, you need a bigger display of at least 22 inches (such as the 22XP to even the 32XP).
  • Extra extensions such as a camera or NFC reader which support the solution. These extensions are optionally built into our products or can be connected to the product separately as an accessory.

Our Corporate Digital Signage experts can tell you more about the functionalities that suit the solution you are looking for.

Popular hardware

Get inspired by our cases

Workplace management has been on the agenda for some time, for example with UNICEF and Unigarant insurances. Read the cases and get inspired.

Specialists in reliable hardware

For over 10 years, our global partners have regarded us as specialists in reliable Corporate Digital Signage hardware. Thousands of satisfied customers choose our hardware every day for the following reasons:

  • Reliable. The combination of a low RMA rate, the various certificates which guarantee stability and safety, the use of components from only the most reliable brands and the 24-month guarantee ensure that our products are always on.
  • Innovation. Functionalities like the world's first (award winning) surround LED bar for tablets and Power over Ethernet ensure that our hardware is considered leading in the industry.

Contact one of our experts now to find out how our hardware can support your workplace management.


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