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December 5, 2022

Connect.more with OmmaSign. Learn more about our software partner OmmaSign and our joint solutions. Read their guest blog below or discover them in the special ISE showreel at the ProDVX ISE booth, 3E100.

Meet OmmaSign

Official certified software partner of ProDVX

OMMA is a device and OS independent software platform that enables its customers to interact with their target audiences both in digital and brick&mortar worlds. The company’s display-based marketing communications software is cloud-based, real-time, interactive, and fully programmable with built-in apps. OMMA is a display-based marketing communications software platform. It has 2 products based on the same infrastructure that is called Smart Display Engine [SDE]:

OS independent, cloud-based, real-time, and fully programmable digital signage software platform.

Device-agnostic, cloud-based, data-driven, interactive & personalized video software platform.

The company was founded in 2015 and spread over MENA, Europe, and APAC markets in under 7 years.


OmmaSign Solutions

A short description of the solutions that OmmaSign offers

• Scene Designer

A very powerful tool that enables users to design their own screen content.

• Smart Layers

An effective tool that can update any information on any screen content without any rendering cost.

• Synchronisation

Our Synchronisation feature enables users to sync as many screens as they want without any hardware requirements.

• Smart Playlist

Different media items can be added to a single playlist and complex scheduling scenarios can be handled easily.
Industry specific applications, custom add-ons and any 3rd party system can be integrated to OMMA.

• Integrations and add-ons

Industry specific applications, custom add-ons and any 3rd party system can be integrated to OMMA

Why OmmaSign chooses ProDVX

Digital communication together with ProDVX

Omma and ProDVX are targeting the same markets especially like MENA, represented by the same distribution channel (Keyston). Our main motivation partnering with ProDVX is to expand OmmaSign Android base, offer reliable, affordable and yet state of the art Signage solution capabilities to the joint operating markets.

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Benefits of choosing OmmaSign & ProDVX

The joint solution in six bulletpoints:

✓ OmmaSign is a cloud based, easy to use and pay as you grow SaaS platform.

✓ OmmaSigns is a highly skilled Content Management System (CMS) offering advanced device management capabilities to create operating excellence and reduce on site operational costs.

✓ OmmaSign is designed to run multi locational large scale projects via labeling, tagging and scheduling capabilities and high performance cloud infrastructure.

✓ OmmaSign runs everywhere, OmmaSign is a Operating System agnostic platform offering the freedom to have multiple OSs with in the same solution/infrastructure.

✓ ProDVX delivers reliable hardware performance with an extremely low RMA rate.

✓ ProDVX has smart hardware features that improve essential features of the digital solution.


Certified hardware

Solutions for your market with OmmaSign and ProDVX


Powerful Scene Designer: You can create your own content for digital signage for retail in seconds! Drag & drop items from your media library. Place them on your content, add animations, and it’s all done! No re-rendering, no agencies, no additional costs.

Change any information on any content instantly: Need an update on a video? With OmmaSign Smart Layers, you can now update any data on any video, and on your own. No time lost, no money spent. Just perfect content management for digital signage for retail.

An open platform to integrate them all: OmmaSign’s open and flexible architecture allows you to integrate everything with literally. POS, public addressing, lift & learn, barcode, facial recognition, people counting, access controls, or any other 3rd party add on. You name it, we have it.

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Display class and conference schedules: Digital signage for education can be used as the welcoming screens of each classroom. Time table of the courses, information about the lecturer, subject of the day and any relevant information can be displayed at the entrance of the classrooms in educational institutes. Also with the capabilities of OmmaSign, you can show the last minute changes such as delays, cancellations.

Upcoming events and activities in common areas: Collective activities and student events are the heart and soul of campus life and common areas serve as the best places to show these. With interactive and programmatic digital signage for education, the administration can display related information with just a few clicks. OmmaSign enables RSS feeds, social media accounts and important date announcements in these screens hassle-free.

Wayfinding and welcoming screens: We are all aware that educational campuses are large with many buildings, many halls, rooms, meeting points, etc. This can be perceived as mazes by new students and parents alike. Digital signage for education can very well be used to guide students and/or visitors to find where they need to go.

Room Signage 3x


Promote new policies and campaigns: Using digital signage for government in public spaces, buildings or offices is a very efficient way to convey a public message. It’s important that citizens are aware of the changes that might affect their daily lives on a real-time basis.

Wayfinding assistance and directories: Large government facilities such as courthouses, hospitals, city halls, tax offices, etc. are full of citizens seeking for the right person to guide them to the right room. In that sense, usage of digital signage for both local and central authorities creates great value in visitor management.

Display room schedules for public offices: Time tables of the court halls, doctors’ rooms, or occupation statuses of public offices are crucial information in today’s busy world. Digital signage for government facilities can display this information so that citizens know how long they need to wait for the service, thus optimizing a great deal of time spent.

Central management, local content: While devising a central content strategy for digital signage for government facilities, a local touch is always essential when it comes to communities. OmmaSign‘s flexible management structure gives local and federal governments a great deal of control over the content. It also enables its users to create locally relevant content stories such as local traffic, weather, or neighbourly events.

Realtime announcement for everyone: Emergency announcements such as road closures, health situations, or upcoming important dates such as property tax payments need to be conveyed to the public in the most effective way. These all can be done with digital signage for government facilities and data source integrations. The data can be displayed on screens in real-time and done automatically according to the scheduled content. OmmaSign is here for that.


Announcements made easy in hospitals: Digital signage for hospitals’ screens are great to inform your patients for new treatment methods, new departments, new additions to the staff or anything else that you have in mind. Centralized content management system of OmmaSign enables an efficient and holistic communication in digital signage for hospitals.

Emergency alerts in all screens:
Displaying emergency alerts, evacuation maps, floor plans, hospital codes on different screens are made easy by OmmaSign. You can create special messages on any content, any time with the help of Scene Designer that comes with
OmmaSign and start using digital signage for hospitals and healthcare in a matter of minutes.

Informative and stress-free common areas:
Patient experience is of utmost importance when waiting for the doctor’s appointment or for a loved one in examination. Smart tips on wellbeing, personal messages from hospital staff, or live feed from the hospital social media accounts can help ease the stress and increase visitor/patient satisfaction greatly.
Screenshot 2022 12 28 153408

Gas Stations

Accelerated automation: Instant price changes, announcements, upsell opportunities in every display, every corner of the station. Digital signage for gas stations can change the way you interact with and inform your customers.

Cruise control reinvented: Engage attention of drivers with creative usage of digital signage for gas stations in every opportunity you get. Inform bypassers of discounts and showcase your services with remarkably customizable OmmaSign software.

Upsell & cross-sell made easy: Digital signage for gas stations give any store owner the ability to adopt programmatic ad delivery. This creates a new channel of communication as well as a new source of income in your stations’ displays. Nobody says no to a smart deal.



Mirror displays in elevators: Wherever you want to inform your customers, digital signage for hospitality is there to change the way you interact. Show relevant and informing content to your guests: Make it the mirrors in elevators, public restrooms, or bars. Special events, restaurant menus, daily activities, opening times of bars/pools/concierge and daily weather forecast, etc. You name it, we have it.

Spectacular video walls: Digital signage for hospitality centers allow you to show charming advertising videos of your hotel. With OmmaSign, you also have the chance to integrate audio announcements and reach your audience for in an immersive audio visual experience. Merry, happy hours, celebrations, offers or anything else your hotel needs..

Dynamic content management: Need to update the time on content? Or the price? Maybe the event takes place in a different venue? No worries… With OmmaSign Smart Layers, you can update any information on any content in just seconds! No hassle.


Quick Service Restaurants

Do it yourself. It is that simple!: Just upload images and icons to create your media library and easily use them on your digital menu boards. It is smart, it is hassle-free, and it is cost effective!

Need an update on a video but don’t have time or budget for it?: With OmmaSign Smart Layers, any retailer can now update any data, on any video, and on their own. This is how any store owner can own their content in digital signage for restaurants.

Harmonize and synchronize separate screens seamlessly!
Whether harmonizing separate screens playing different videos or synchronizing visual content if those screens are forming a large video wall, let OmmaSign rule the show for you!


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