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December 14, 2022

Connect.more with inSynergie. Learn more about our software partner inSynergie and our joint solution. Read their guest blog below or discover them in the special ISE showreel at the ProDVX ISE booth, 3E100.

Meet inSynergie

Official certified software partner of ProDVX

inSynergie GmbH is a German company that creates hardware & software solutions for smart buildings, digital signage, interactive exhibitions and much more!

We are the creators of the software suite NeuroomNet: A system to manage and control media technology in an easy way.

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inSynergie solutions

Manage your digital signage

With our NeuroomNet software solution media technology and building control can now be realized even more easily.

Via NeuroomNet all your devices can communicate with each other so that you can conveniently control them from one single device. It contains device monitoring and logs, media control with individual dashboards, time schedules, visual scripting, digital signage and much more!

Thanks to a simple user interface and the wide range of features the possibilities are endless. Audiovisual media technology, digital signage and building automation can be seamlessly connected for a better visitor experience. Smart switching times and efficient device control save energy for a sustainable day to day operation.


Benefits of choosing inSynergie & ProDVX

The joint solution in five bulletpoints:

✓ NeuroomNet is flexibly adaptable to the wishes of every end customer

✓ Versatile like a Swiss Army knife, everything from a single software!

✓ Easy to use, even on mobile devices and without programming knowledge

✓ Reliable hardware performance with an extremely low RMA rate.

✓ Smart hardware features that improve essential features of the digital solution.


Why inSynergie chooses ProDVX

ProDVX Meeting Room Technology

NeuroomNet comes with the „Dashboard Designer“, a feature to create and design graphic user interfaces for each user group of the system: Each group only sees the buttons and controls they need for their tasks. ProDVX delivers the perfect screens to display these dashboards of our projects. They are stylish and reliable!

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Details of the joint solution

A brief description how the solution works

NeuroomNet is based on web technology. It contains of several servers and providers that connect to the interfaces of different devices. A large and open library of protocols allows to exchange actions and events with those devices.

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Certified hardware

Solve your problems with inSynergie and ProDVX

The problems inSynergie solves

All of the media technology and the many devices in smart buildings and media installations need to be configured, switched and monitored. That can be very time consuming and expensive.

End customers want to control digital showrooms and exhibitions as a unified system but the different systems often do not speak the same language.

Smart building by inSynergie

NeuroomNet speaks all system languages, automates and centralizes technologies in just one easy-to-use system.

The smart building is never finished. The very fact that a building is smart results in new data and insights that can in turn be implemented in improvements for more productivity or a better visitor experience.

NeuroomNet supports this process with its simple operation and yet wide range of functions.


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