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November 30, 2022

Connect.more with connectSignage. Learn more about our software partner connectSignage and our joint solutions. Read their guest blog below or discover them in the special ISE showreel at the ProDVX ISE booth, 3E100.

Meet interactive digital signage by connectSignage

Official certified software partner of ProDVX

Bendel & Schrade GmbH is a German development company for interactive digital signage products. They offer the products connectSignage, connectRooms and connectSchool. In addition, they offer to customize their software solutions on customer request or to connect external systems. In this way they can create the perfect workflow for the customer and achieve the desired goal.

Room Signage 3x

connectSignage interactive digital signage solutions

Manage your interactive digital signage with connectSignage

ConnectSignage is perfectly suited for classic content publishing. Advertising, wayfinding, deals and much more can be distributed via the connectSignage Cloud, which is hosted in Germany. Alternatively, they also offer the option to install the software On-Premise on your server. You can design and modify the content with an HTML5 editor, as well as monitor and control your displays.

For the meeting room, connectRooms is the perfect solution. For example, room booking information is displayed on small ProDVX displays and participants are automatically welcomed on the large meeting room display. When the meeting starts, participants can call up the relevant video conference with one click and the meeting can start in seconds. The genius of this is that participants don't even need their own PC, everything can be displayed via the invited connectRooms display.
Another advantage is that customers can freely design their own templates and thus influence the overall corporate design. Using the ready-made Outlook or Google Workspace integration, the rooms are then only invited to meetings.

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Why connectSignage chooses ProDVX

ProDVX hardware for Meeting Room Technology

Especially in the area of room booking, ProDVX offers the perfect interactive digital signage hardware with its broad portfolio and its stable Android and Windows system, both of which we support. In addition, the possibility to controlthe LEDs on certain displays in different colors depending on the booking status and to visually display themeeting room as occupied or free is interesting for us.

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Benefits of choosing connectSignage & ProDVX

The joint solution in three bulletpoints:

✓ The free template design, the extensive integrations, interfaces in the meeting room (e.g. interfaces for video conferencing) and the central control of all displays in the building, whether room booking, routing, video wall or InfoBoard, everything can be controlled with a central software.

✓ Reliable hardware performance with an extremely low RMA rate.

✓ Smart hardware features that improve essential features of the digital solution.


Details of the joint interactive digital signage solution

Some more details of the connectSignage player

The connectSignage Player App is installed on the ProDVX display. Via PIN & ID, the app can then be connected to our cloud in a few seconds. After ordering the software from Kern & Stelly, you will receive a URL to access the software. A license must be purchased per display for a specific period (e.g. 12 months). This includes the cloud, the software, the player app, the HTML5 editor and the player control.

Simple, fast and transparent in pricing, the perfect solution for your next digital signage or room booking project.


Certified interactive digital signage hardware


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