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April 4, 2023

Everyone seems to be talking about smart offices nowadays. And while there are many reasons to believe it's just another buzzword, there are just as many to make you consider embracing a smart office!

But what makes an office smart? And why should you invest time, money, and effort into it?

Let’s find out in this guest blog, written by our software partner YAROOMS. YAROOMS specializes in smart office solutions, that run on ProDVX Panel PCs, and is able to perfectly update you about this topic.

What Is a Smart Office and What Makes It…Smart?

A smart office is one that smoothly incorporates technology into the working environment. It accelerates workflows, improves communication efficiency, and generally makes workdays easier for both employees and management.

Having technology that facilitates, supports, and empowers work, ideation, and product delivery is generally a sign of smart office design. Moreover, sustainability is becoming increasingly important in smart offices around the world. Sustainable smart offices use advanced technologies to optimize energy usage, reduce waste, and improve overall efficiency, leading not only to environmental benefits but also to significant cost savings.

What Are the Benefits of Smart Offices?

Smart offices are hot right now for a good reason: they make work in your organization easier and more productive, regardless of the industry. Just a few advantages are listed below:

  • Higher productivity - by enabling faster communication, better teamwork and time management, smart offices increase productivity within the organization.
  • Increased security - smart offices are typically more secure than traditional offices, especially in terms of cybersecurity.
  • Employee satisfaction - smart offices equip employees with the technology they need to be the most productive, creating a positive impact on workplace experience and satisfaction.
  • More efficient data collection - smart office technologies allow you to gather information on office utilization, employee performance, and other metrics. As a result, your decisions can be improved, and your procedures can be optimized.

7 Essential Elements of Smart Offices

1. Access Control

Systems that limit access to particular office spaces and/or specific data are referred to as access control. To protect the security of your office, you can implement user authentication, access logs, and other smart measures. ProDVX Panel PCs contain many features that are designed for Access Control solutions, like internal NFC modules and Android 11 including Google Play Protect.

2. Sensors

Data about office use, such as temperature and light levels, can be collected via sensors.

3. Interactive Office Maps

By using interactive office floor maps, employees and visitors can easily navigate the office. In addition, such maps can offer details about real-time occupancy and space availability as well as information about events, services, and other readily available resources.

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5. Sustainable Workplace Solutions

Environmental issues can no longer be disregarded, and it is our responsibility as individuals and corporations to address them. Sustainable workplace technology shines through as one of the best options to do so. At YAROOMS, we have recently launched a Carbon Dashboard that allows you to track how much CO2 has been produced due to office activities, such as commuting and powering up your office. This way, you can make informed decisions about how to move forward in a way that's eco-friendly and employee-oriented. Watch the video here.

6. Hybrid Work Planning Solutions

Hybrid work planning solutions make it easier to create flexible work schedules and organize collaborative activities. For example, the YAROOMS hybrid work planning feature enables everyone in the organization to manage office space in hybrid workplaces and juggle the alternation between in-office and remote work.

7. Visitor Management Tools

A solid system for managing visitor traffic is essential, especially if your office is frequented by partners, clients, and other guests. Solutions like YAROOMS Lobby Display & Digital Reception run on ProDVX Panel PCs and enable you to offer a seamless check-in process to anyone walking into your office. What's more, the system also allows you to check visitors securely, so your company can stay compliant across different data privacy regulations and legislations.

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With smart office technology, you can streamline operations, cut expenses, and ensure that your staff is working at their highest potential. There are many different tools and solutions that you can incorporate into your smart office workflow. However, it is crucial to use your technology with purpose, with an eye towards sustainability and the well-being of your employees.

We hope you enjoyed this guest blog by our partner YAROOMS. Learn more about YAROOMS at their website: