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Reflex Online

In the age of hybrid working, the presence of employees at the office isn't a given. The success of organizations is driven by people, who thrive on meaningful interactions. Therefore, it is essential to facilitate meetings consistently. That is where we come in.

Make meetings easy
Everything we do is aimed at making meetings simple and interactions valuable. In this way, we make your organization and your people successful. Since 2005, we have been developing user-friendly software solutions. We offer room and desk booking solutions, self-service kiosks for employee and visitor registration and appointment and event scheduling software. Powered by ProDVX hardware.

Trusted by many
Hundreds of organizations across 15 countries harness the power of our tools to streamline interactions and drive success in their organizations. Together, they make millions of appointments each year and manage thousands of workplaces and meeting rooms with our solutions. We love to apply our extensive knowledge and experience for you.

  • Streamlined and stable solutions through in-house development.
  • Proven technology to seamlessly integrate with Microsoft 365.
  • Expert people empowering your business to make meeting easy.