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FAR Networks

With FAR Booking, the company becomes a safe and pleasant place to work in an organized manner and with digital tools that support smart working.

Booking meeting rooms, desks, common areas, cars and much more becomes quick and easy, optimizing the use of resources, eliminating wasted time and creating a more agile and efficient work environment, both in presence and remotely.
Thanks to the multiple ways to access the platform, booking and managing resources is really immediate.

Manage your meeting rooms with a single "tap" via our ProDVX hardware, book your resources on site or remotely and manage employee work via the "smartworking" module. FAR Booking supports smart working, improving the efficiency of the use of spaces and satisfaction in the working environment. Create a new modern and dynamic workplace, give an exceptional experience to your team.

  • To monitor the Smartworking process and define functional steps that allow the resumption of the use of offices in a safe way.
  • FAR Booking is a flexible solution, which can be purchased for a fee or on-premises
  • We customize every request of every company