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EVA Solutions

EVA Solutions offers solutions in the field of digital visitor registration, visitor management, employee registration, and access provision. EVA is suitable for both manned and unmanned receptions. The receptionist can be supported by user-friendly software, and visitors can also register themselves via a terminal/kiosk. During registration, visitors are informed about house or safety rules. After registration, the appropriate contact person is immediately notified of the visit.

In addition to manual check-in, it is also possible to invite your visitors in advance, allowing them to check in quickly using the received QR code.

With our employee registration, employees can easily and quickly check in and out using a personalized QR code.

By registering not only your visitors but also your employees, you ensure a complete attendance list in case of unforeseen evacuations. It is also possible to integrate with various time and access control systems for a complete attendance list.

  • EVA Solutions is committed to delivering a 9+ customer experience. We have our own support department, employed developers, and provide tailored advice.
  • EVA Visitor Registration is an extremely flexible system that can be fully managed by the customer. This allows us to create a customized solution for every situation.
  • With unique features such as our Emergency Response app and advanced Outlook integration, EVA doesn't just offer a product but a comprehensive solution.