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Thanks to Comeen's platform, you can effectively create digital signage fleets, manage your meeting rooms and integrate both solutions to provide the best seamless workplace experience for your visitors and employees 👋
Comeen Play, the Enterprise-Grade digital signage solution, empowers you to enhance internal communication through the use of screens. With this platform, you can boost your employee communication and engage your frontline workers. Utilize digital signage screens to broadcast important information, announcements, videos, and more, ensuring that your messages reach the right people at the right time with 20+ integrations!
Comeen Workplace offers a user-friendly platform for easily managing meeting rooms (among other things). With this platform, you can efficiently organize and schedule your meeting rooms, ensuring optimal utilization and eliminating scheduling conflicts. Whether you need to search for available meeting rooms, make an unplanned booking, or release a meeting room, you can do it directly from a screen or from a chat. Save time and increase productivity across your company!
When combined, Comeen Play and Comeen Workplace provide a unique and comprehensive solution for your workplace. You can broadcast lists of upcoming meetings or find easily a meeting room from a floor plan. This enables you to improve the daily working life of your teams and visitors within your buildings effectively.
🚀 Whether it's through kiosks, screens, or their usual tools, you can seamlessly improve their workplace experience by making their buildings flexible and their internal communication impactful.

  • Integrated on all your usual tools including Google Workspace and Microsoft 365
  • Secured platforms with an advanced rights system, SSO login, monthly updates, and live chat
  • Personalized screen fleet with an easy-to-use dashboard and advanced templates