This page explains everything you need to know about Signage Displays. What is a Signage Display? Where and for what purpose are they normally used?

What is a Signage Display?

A Signage Display is a display with the look and feel of a tablet. However, it’s not quite the same. They come in many large sizes, unlike a tablet, which is usually quite small. These displays are used for many purposes. Most implementations are for Digital Signage solutions to communicate messages to the public. Many different technologies, such as LCD or LED, are used. These messages are communicated via images, text or videos. There is a growing demand for these displays as they reduce paper wastage and are eco-friendly.

Where to use Signage Displays?

The usual environment for Signage Displays are places where crowds of people pass by. They make it possible to communicate information to target audiences. Places like shopping malls, retail stores and subways where people stay for a short while. Or longer-stay locations such as hotels, sport stadiums, restaurants, museums or in companies. We see these displays used in markets such as Retail, Healthcare, Hospitality and Corporate environments, among others. They are used for multiple purposes such as Advertising and Product Promotion, Wayfinding, Queuing, POS Customer Displays and so on.

Informing target audiences and improving experience

The usage of Signage Displays offers a wide array of possibilities that traditional communication cannot offer. In public spaces, information through displays is commonly used to inform target audiences about news, traffic, events, weather or fire exits. In the Retail industry, they are used to display product photos or pricing. In the Food industry, they are mostly used for ingredients, menus, specific nutritional facts and recipes. One way to improve customer experience is to implement displays that clarify the route. For instance, in outdoor locations such as parks, zoos or tourist attractions. They are also often used in art galleries, museums or exhibitions.

ProDVX Signage Displays

ProDVX’s portfolio includes five Signage Displays ranging from 10 inch to 22 inch. You can check them all out in the overview below. They are used by companies all over the world. The displays are distributed by a worldwide distribution network. Be sure to find a partner near you or get in touch with our team!