First impressions last.

Add that X-factor.

In today's world we see hundreds of messages a day. That is why it is important to draw attention and break through the clutter. To make sure you have that X-factor. The all-in-one Android touch displays that are part of our X-series are giving you that X-factor. We'll make sure your first impression lasts.

The line-up of touch displays.

Thirteen winners.

The X-series comprises 13 different touch displays. Available options are:

  • Sizes from 7 inch to 32 inch
  • 2-Sided LED bar for extra clear signalling
  • Power over Ethernet for easy installing
  • High brightness: up to 500 cd/m2
  • Black or white housing

These combinations makes these touch displays perfect for all kinds of digital signage solutions. Use a panel pc for a solution like a self service kiosk, a wayfinding system, digital signage or when you are in need for meeting room displays.

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Light it up.

Extra signalling.

Experience the extra signalling value of your message with the 2-sided LED light bar. Every piece of content will get that X-factor with these RGB LEDs.

Is your meeting room available? Go green. Got negative customer feedback? Go red. Or go for every other color of the rainbow when you're communicating with unicorns.

Everything is possible.

It's up to you.

Always a bright moment.

Every day.

The brightness of the LCD screen is up to 500 candela. This is extremely useful if you use the touch display at a location with a lot of daylight. It guarantees that your message will be seen.

This is how you'll create impact.

Connect accessoires.

In the blink of an eye.

Connect a barcode scanner, NFC reader or camera on one of the three Pogo Pins Ports. Hunger for more accessoires? Discover all I/O ports such as HDMI, (micro)-USB and more.

Mount it.

Experience it.

Get online faster than you can say 'line'. Every device can be mounted with the universally accepted VESA system. Ready to install your touch display at its location? Discover our easy-to-use wall mounts, glass mounts, desk stands or shelf brackets.

Get in touch with one of our digital signage experts to learn how these touch displays create impact for your digital communication.

Panel pc's that are always on.

Durable and innovative.

These reliable digital signage displays have been specially developed to ensure the continuity of your digital communication and business processes.

  • Stable performance following years of hardware development
  • Long lifespan of the product
  • Special housing for optimal cable management

With the touch displays of our X-series you’re guaranteed to be Always On.


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