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Pogo RGB LED Bar

SKU: 9010150
  • Full RGB LED bar
  • Pogo pin connection
  • Introducing the new Pogo Pin LED Bar, the perfect accessory to complement our existing range of Panel PCs. This innovative device allows you to effectively signal meeting room availability or payment status in a sleek and stylish way. The Pogo Pin LED Bar is incredibly easy to install and can be attached to your Panel PC in a matter of seconds, thanks to its unique pogo pin design. Simply align the pins with the appropriate connectors on your Panel PC, and you're ready to go. With its bright, eye-catching LEDs, the Pogo Pin LED Bar is perfect for busy environments where quick and easy status updates are essential. The LEDs are available in a range of colours, including red, green, and blue, making it easy to convey a wide range of messages. Whether you're using the Pogo Pin LED Bar to indicate room availability or payment status, you can be confident that your message will be clearly and effectively communicated. And with its durable construction and long-lasting LEDs, you can rely on the Pogo Pin LED Bar to keep working day after day, even in the toughest environments.
    Color Black
    Weight 30 g
    Mounting / VESA Pogo Pins
    Storage Temp -40 ~ 70 degrees C
    Working Temp -20 ~ 60 degrees C
    Storage/Working Humidity 0 ~ 95% non-condensing
    SKU 9010150
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