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Thanks to Telelogos software solutions, manage your bookings and your digital signage projects, and combine both to guide your visitors and employees directly to their workspaces.

Meeting4Display, the room and desk booking solution allows you to search and book a workspace wherever your are, whatever the way you prefer from your messaging system, your smartphone or an interactive screen (such as the ones from ProDVX, with surround LED status bar, allowing you to know in real time and from a distance the status of the meeting room). Quick and easy to deploy, designed to be integrated securely into sophisticated environments, Meeting4Display is intuitive and simple to use.

Coupled with our Media4Display digital signage solution, you have a unique platform to inform, guide and facilitate your employee’s daily activities. Display list of upcoming meetings, room plans and the real-time status of workspaces on your digital signage screens. Orient employees and visitors in your buildings, guide them to the available workspaces from a kiosk, screens, their smartphones.

At Telelogos, we really love the ProDVX Ultra Wide displays with a perfect format to guide people.

  • Simplicity to install and really easy to use
  • ProDVX Certified hardware and hand in hand partnership: it offers a totally integrated app for a unique usage of the display, ensuring a 100% efficient/smooth app use with remote and silent update.
  • Digital signage coupling offer

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