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PADS4 is a software platform to enhance user experiences in a smart digital building. Design the best solution for a smart building through a tailormade combination of PADS4 modules like digital signage, workspace, FIDS and more. Deliver unique high-end solutions to create data-driven user experiences within your organization (Corporate offices, Airport, Factories, Hospitals and more.).
Use the power of PADS4 as a platform to build the entire user workflow and(to) avoid unexpected costs coming from multiple interfaces issues, integrations and configurations. From internal communication to smart workspaces, from flight information to boarding gate management, from advertisements to wayfinding; PADS4 is a high-class software platform to build your smart digital building experience.

  • Flexible: every building is unique and has its own infrastructure challenges. Through PADS4, easily combine our module to build your own user experience for your environment.
  • Scalable: start with one module and gradually expand if and when required to do so. By utilizing PADS4, you would save costs with on implementation due to its flexibility in modules and its vast technical capabilities.
  • Open: our open data driven platform offers infinite integration and compatibilities with third part technologies. Being hardware agnostic to offer the best solution options based on your requirements is a key focus area we thrive in.

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