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raum]für[raum & ProDVX – for welcome, directions and information

The user experience of the intelligent booking software raum]für[raum is even better when used with high-quality hardware. Digital display systems are an integral part of modern companies. Displays provide reliable information about conferences, guide guests safely into the building and can be used for the presentation of other important information.

The combination of the interactive software raum]für[raum and the certified hardware products from ProDVX enables your event information to be presented professionally on different display systems. This includes electronic door signs as well as displays that are used to welcome visitors, provide an overview of events and provide directions. With individual templates and your corporate identity, you guide guests professionally through your house. When using touch displays, meetings can also be booked, started, extended or ended in the room.

The effective combination of the overall booking software raum]für[raum and the high-quality ProDVX displays takes your digital strategy to the next level.

  • Powerful, modular booking solution
  • Book room, workplace and service from a single source
  • Integration with proDVX displays