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Innivo is a young, innovative organisation that has its 'roots' at the University of Twente. The team consists of technical innovators with a clear focus on the human factor. We know the dynamics of a modern organization like no other. And we know what the impact of this is on the logistics and occupancy of a building. We have therefore specialized in developing and realizing tools to tackle this challenge. With the help of our intelligent software and smart hardware, we ensure that you get the most out of your building. Maximum when it comes to comfort for employees and visitors, maximum when it comes to realizing optimal returns by using every space efficiently. Our innovative concepts have been created in co-creation with customers at all levels. The solutions are not only 'smart', but above all very user-friendly.

  • Translates innovations to value for customers
  • Focus on close collaboration to add extra value
  • Specific knowledge about the industry

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