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GoBright is specialised in Smart Workplace solutions that support modern ways of working. The GoBright platform offers smart software for room booking, desk booking, parking space booking, visitor registration and digital signage that fit together perfectly and are user-friendly.

Employees want to be responsible for their own working day. Do they come to the office or not? Do they want to work with a colleague? What type of workplace do they need? With the GoBright Smart Software solutions and our complete integration with Microsoft, employees turn the flexible office into their personal workplace.

GoBright software makes it possible to find and book workplaces and brings transparency and profound insights with which future workplace strategies can be determined. The wishes and possibilities of people, processes, systems, and technology connect even better. Thanks to our platform you get great insights into the use of office spaces, occupancy rates and the flow of people in the building.

  • In-house software development.
  • Full integration with Microsoft Teams
  • One platform, one solution. Smart, Safe and Simple.

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