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This is why.

Introduce that new showpiece. Inform about different car versions. Offer a deal for tire changing at the right season or draw attention to a lease deal. The possibilities of digital signage are endless.

With reliable ProDVX touchscreens and displays you'll be able to communicate what your customers need to hear. At the exact time they want to hear it.

Find out what digital signage can do for you.

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The possibilities are endless

Digital signage transforms static car sheets into interactive car configurators. Offer extra financing terms or the possibility of playing brand movies and be sure to improve the shopping exprience of your customers. The possibilities of digital signage are endless.

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Get in the driver's seat

Take control of the content your customers see. Design, schedule, distribute, play, and manage messages on all your screen to connect with your customers. Instantly change it in just one click and make sure you're always relevant.

The supreme performance of ProDVX hardware makes it happen. Discover the possibilities of a Surrounding LED Light Bar, or the possibility of ultra-high brightness in our displays to catch attention in a light showroom.

Interested? Plan a free consultation.

Experience the certainty of functional hardware. Leave your details and a ProDVX specialist will contact you for a free consultation on digital signage and our hardware.