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July 19, 2021

Meeting room signage

Meet our new partner Wallboard. With ProDVX and Wallboard, you can turn your static meeting room sign into a fully customizable, digital signage device. Wallboard’s unique solution displays constantly updating meeting times and availability to your ProDVX device. Attendees can check in remotely or at the door with built in touch functionality.

Key features

  • Dynamically updating meeting information
  • A blank canvas for unlimited design options
  • User interaction via touch functionality
  • Displays current & upcoming meetings
  • Remote or on site attendee check -in
  • In progress alerts and notifications
  • PIN code authentication
  • Emergency alert capable
Solution 1

Stay connected

This solution gives you the tools to ensure your workforce is constantly aware of what meetings are happening and where. The meeting room display solution allows users to book, start, postpone, move, or delete meetings all from one secure spot.

Increase productivity and stay connected like never before. Learn more about our joint solution in Wallboard's brochure. Or get in touch with us to learn more about it.

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About Wallboard

Wallboard serves a wide range of industries including corporate, primary/secondary/higher education, healthcare, hospitality, food & beverage, audio/video, sport/entertainment venues, and more. The software fits virtually any digital signage need.