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July 7, 2022

The certainty of reliable hardware deliveries

Minimise the impact of supply chain disruptions

The moment has finally arrived: your project’s rollout is about to start. Everyone has been looking forward to this moment for ages, including the procurement and planning departments of all involved. Plans have been coordinated, areas have been cleared, and staff have been briefed to install the hardware as part of the total solution.

But then: one key part of the total solution, the hardware, suffers a delivery problem.

Supply chain disruptions like these are the order of the day in our current world. And especially in our industry. Uncertainties and unexpected events occur time and again, giving rise to a growing recurrence of delivery problems.

But we bring a solution to the table… 😉

Our own production and European warehouse

Minimise the impact of supply chain disruptions by choosing a brand that gives you the certainty of reliable deliveries. Choose ProDVX. We have own production and deliver our digital signage displays and Panel PCs from our own warehouse in the Netherlands, where we maintain our stock.

Due to years of experience in the field, we also manage to maintain our stock levels at this very moment. Whether you need simple re-stocking or are looking for a reliable hardware partner for your solution: by choosing ProDVX you’ll minimise the impact of supply chain disruptions.

Even more support for your project

We support you with more than just our hardware. ProDVX’s experts will guide you through every project and support every possible question you may have during the process. To us, it’s entirely natural that we have an accessible support department and account managers who work and plan right alongside you.

In fact, we would even prefer to go to the customer or the installation site with you, to make a difference together.


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