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June 30, 2020
Promotion , Intel SOC Touch Displays
ProDVX IPPC Series

For every order in July and August with a total amount of € 2.500,- of Intel Panel PCs per order, the ProDVX reseller or end-user will receive a Fitbit Inspire for free! This offer is valid from July 1st through August 31st and applies to the entire IPPC Series displays, and a mix of displays is possible. This offer applies to resellers and end-users based in EU, and therefore distributors are excluded. Resellers or end-users outside EU will receive a gift card. For this offer a maximum of 5 smartwatches per reseller and end-user applies.

Terms and conditions
Our general conditions of Sale and Delivery and Warranty Policy apply to this order and upon your request we can provide you a copy. This offer is based on first come, first served. Please note that special bid orders are excluded from this offer. There is a total of 20 x Fitbit Inspire available, so take your chance and place that order for the IPPC Displays as soon as possible!

ProDVX Intel Panel PCs
They are available in many different sizes, ranging from 7 inch through 32 inch. They can run Windows 10 or Linux Ubuntu. Next to that, they come with several I/O-ports to connect to USB, HDMI and LAN and are equipped with POGO ports for enhanced connectivity.

Choose your Intel Panel PC of choice here!