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July 1, 2020
Promotion , Intel SOC Touch Displays
Smart Fit with ProDVX social broad

We are well-known for our Android digital signage devices. But did you know that we also have an amazing range of Intel Panel PCs available? We have no less than eight devices ready to go! They come in seven sizes and are all manufactured for continuous commercial use (24/7). We have assembled some examples of our Intel Panel PCs in use in this newsletter. Also, we have created a great opportunity for you to experience our IPPC Series through a special promotion: Stay Smart & Fit with a free Fitbit!

Stay Smart & Fit with a free Fitbit!

For every order in July and August for a total amount of €2,500 of Intel Panel PCs per order, the ProDVX reseller or end-user will receive a Fitbit Inspire for free! This offer is valid from July 1st through August 31st and applies to the entire range of IPPC Series displays, and a mix of displays is possible. There is a total of 20 x Fitbit Inspire available, so seize your chance and place that order for the Intel Panel PCs now with your nearest official ProDVX distributor!

Buhler social broad

Exciting education solutions with our Intel Panel PCs

The Bühler Group is an ever-growing multinational plant equipment manufacturer that operates in 140 countries. They have installed IPPC-10 displays for training and educational purposes. Bühler has chosen ProDVX’s 10.1” Intel Panel PCs due to its user-friendliness in training young adults to become skilled employees for a career in the global economy.

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ProDVX IPPC Series collage

Intel Panel PCs for every application

Intel Panel PCs are all-in-one SOC Touch Displays with an Intel PC inside, designed and manufactured for continuous commercial use (24/7) and suitable for various markets and applications. The ProDVX Intel Panel PCs are trusted by professionals because of their reliability and implemented by business all over the world.

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Indigo social broad

Innovative solution for more efficiency in healthcare

The Essec Group is a system integrator of nurse call systems, notification systems and telecom. Their subsidiary, IndigoCare, has developed a flexible IP-based nurse call system: iCall. To keep staff informed, they decided to use our IPPC-10. For the wayfinding solution IndigoCare developed a solution which integrates with our APPC-27DSK. The displays are equipped with an integrated OS, which allows for less hardware to be used on location. In addition to that, both staff and visitors are always adequately informed.

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IPPC 10 SLB room booking social broad

Make managing and reserving meeting rooms easy!

For organizations with different departments and locations it is difficult to manage meeting rooms. The process of reserving a room can be automated thanks to the combination of a room booking application and IPPC-10SLB display. Employees can instantly check whether the meeting room is available and at what time, and book it on the spot. The IPPC-10SLB display, a 10.1" Intel SOC Touch Display with Surround LED Bar, can be placed at the entrance of every meeting room to show availability.

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