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March 26, 2024

Remote control & energy saving with NETIO

In this blog, we introduce our alliance partner NETIO products company and explain how our joint solution can benefit any business that requires an energy-efficient and easy-to-use remote control solution. Enjoy the reading!

High demand for remote control solutions

Among our customers, we had observed a high demand for remote control solutions, such as remotely switching devices on/off and scheduling on and off times to save energy and reduce costs. NETIO had also noticed a desire for remote control solutions among their customers. By collaborating, we are able to offer our customers an energy-efficient and user-friendly solution for remotely controlling their ProDVX panel PCs, as well as NETIO’s smart PDUs and power sockets.

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Remotely control devices in difficult-to-reach locations

By installing NETIO’s Mobile App 2 on a ProDVX Panel PC, customers can use the Panel PC as a control panel. This enables them to control their smart PDUs and power sockets over a local network (LAN or Wi-Fi). This is particularly valuable for remotely managing devices installed in locations that are difficult to access. For example, PDUs or power sockets installed behind an exhibition in a museum or high up against a wall in a warehouse.

Blog partnership with NETIO

Remote control to save energy & reduce electricity costs

With NETIO’s software, PDUs, and power sockets, customers can remotely control the on/off switch of their ProDVX Panel PCs. For instance, they can schedule the on/off times of room booking systems in offices or digital signage displays in shopping malls based on opening hours. This ensures Panel PCs are automatically turned off when not in use, thereby saving energy and reducing electricity costs.

The benefits

Using one of our joint solutions, our customers can:

  • Easily control their outputs without the hassle of reaching inaccessible places
  • Switch off preprogrammed scheduled switches
  • Remotely detect device inactivity and restart devices
  • Save energy and reduce electricity costs by scheduling on/off times
  • Prevent grid failures when using a large number of devices
  • And more!

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Blog partnership NETIO
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Through collaboration, we are able to offer our customers an energy-efficient and easy-to-use solution to remotely control their ProDVX Panel PCs, as well as NETIO’s smart PDUs and power sockets.

Our Alliance Partner NETIO products a.s.

NETIO products company is a well-established manufacturer of smart PDUs (Power Distribution Units), strips, sockets, and cables headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic. They strive to bridge the gap between hardware and software. By offering both and collaborating with leading AV partners, such as ProDVX Europe, they provide a total, high-quality, and easy-to-use solution for their customers.

"Such easy communication has led to interesting networking and business opportunities, all thanks to the quality of products and people behind them."

- Karla Češnjaj, Sales Director NETIO

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