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July 8, 2019
Android SOC Touch Displays , Smart Meeting Room Management , APPC-10SLB
Telelogos Meeting4Display on the APPC-10SLB

This ProDVX touch display, tested and approved by Telelogos, is now certified for use with Meeting4Display. "We regularly test touch displays to recommend stable, powerful and robust devices to our customers and integrator partners. The APPC-10SLB by ProDVX meets our requirements perfectly”, explains Christophe Billaud, Managing Director for Telelogos.

The APPC-10SLB is an Integrated Android (SOC) Touch Display with unique RGB LED Status Lights around the front side of the display. The commercial grade (24/7 usage) APPC-10SLB is an ideal solution for room booking and room signage applications. The tablet supports PoE and allows for individual control of the LEDs that make up the surround LED bar. This makes it possible to have a real-time view on room occupancy without the need to approach the device and read the information on the display.

"Telelogos has a lot of knowledge and expertise when it comes to software development for mobility and digital signage. Both ProDVX and Telelogos value long-term relationships and understand that every project is fundamentally different. Because of this, the Telelogos and ProDVX combination has been successful. We are proud that Telelogos embraces our new 10.1’’ Android Surround LED display, the APPC-10SLB, and in general our complete product portfolio”, says Michael Theophanous, ProDVX.

The certification process allows Telelogos to provide a specific add-on for this device
With this add-on, users will be able to exploit the complete set of administration/management tools available within Meeting4Display. The solution will allow users to book a room directly from the touch screen at the entrance of the meeting room or from their Exchange, Office 365 Google Calendar (G Suite) mailbox, as well as have complete control of the hardware and any other software elements installed on the device (silent software updates, remote management, hardware and software monitoring).

Meeting4Display: Room Booking Software
Book a room directly on the touch screen at the entrance of the meeting room or from your messaging system. With Meeting4Display, you can now control screens located at the entrance of meeting rooms to display their occupancy status, as well as their schedule for the day.

Discover the new digital signage Widgets
Combined with Media4Display digital signage software, Meeting4Display V2.2 can display in real-time, the status of your rooms, a list of upcoming planned meetings, as well as a floor plan showing the location of your rooms in the building and their current availability status.