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December 22, 2021

Stay connected with SIGNAUX

We are glad to announce our partnership with SIGNAUX, one of the leading IT solutions firms in the United Arab Emirates. ProDVX shares the purpose of SIGNAUX to provide high-quality technology to digitalize the world. SIGNAUX will provide customers in the UAE with our reliable hardware, like an Panel PC, for their digital signage solutions, adding to our growing network of trusted international partners. ProDVX is proud to be among the leading and trusted brands that SIGNAUX provides.


SIGNAUX provides an extensive range of products from leading and trusted brands, designed to meet your audio-visual technology needs with reliability, durability, and the latest technological features.

SIGNAUX was started under the leadership of the PIXCOM Group of Companies, who were instrumental in shaping and transforming key landmarks and destinations across the UAE with the latest digital signage technologies. PIXCOM has more than 16 years of delivering consistent and reliable digital solutions, built by industry pioneers who have a combined 30 years of IT solutions expertise delivered across the UAE.

SIGNAUX was created with the singular purpose of ensuring quality supply of technology that would help in digitally transforming key public and commercial spaces in the UAE and GCC Region. Launched in 2020, SIGNAUX fulfils the need to have a top-tier IT partner based in the Gulf region for all comprehensive audio-visual requirements.