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July 6, 2022

Meet NordicScreen!

For several years now, NordicScreen and ProDVX have been successfully working together. Thousands of people are already using our joint meeting room solution every day because it combines the customer-centric software of NordicScreen with our reliable hardware. For this reason, it is only logical to further introduce you to NordicScreen as one of our Platinum Software Partners.

NordicScreen is a fast-growing software company that specializes in software for digital signage solutions. Their products include Q-Play Digital Signage, Q-Cal Meeting Room Displays, and Q‑Cal Check-In.

At NordicScreen, user experience is considered in every decision in order to create user-friendly and intuitive solutions that provide the customer with smart and valuable tools for their communication.

NordicScreen’s main focus is to create solutions that simplify the process of creating adapted, relevant and timely communication to large audiences across cities or even countries. All of their solutions can be remotely controlled, meaning that no matter where the displays are, they can be managed from a single computer.

Why NordicScreen & ProDVX?

For NordicScreen and ProDVX, much of the benefit from our partnership comes from the combined value that our digital signage displays provide. The Q-Cal Meeting Room Display software offers a customer‑centric solution that provides an effective way of managing meeting facilities. The solution includes a complete overview of the meeting facilities and what meetings are taking place in each room.

This information is efficiently displayed on our reliable hardware, which is designed to be always on and prevent any downtime. In addition, innovative features such as the surround LED bar on our displays can signal meeting room availability, preventing staff from walking up to the meeting room only to find it occupied. The durability of ProDVX meeting room displays in combination with NordicScreen’s software ensures a low-maintenance solution that is aimed at benefitting the customer and making their life easier.

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