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February 8, 2024

ISE 2024 Highlights

ISE 2024 is a wrap! We introduced a wide range of new products, including a brand-new line of Android Panel PCs and our one-of-a-kind IPPC-10SLB-R24. Our technical experts have given countless demonstrations of the ProDVX API and ProMGR, our device management tools. And we have received a lot of positive feedback on our concept products. In this blog, we’ll relive some of ISE 2024’s exciting highlights. Enjoy the read!

Photos at ISE 2024

Journey Forward with the
APPC-R23 Series

Our most popular product line is taking it to the next level by introducing the brand-new APPC-R23 Series at ISE 2024. These next generation Android Panel PCs are available in sizes ranging from 7 to 32 inches and run on the flexible and secure Android 11 or 12 OS. Featuring a powerful CPU and high-quality non-glare touch panel, the APPC-R23 Series is designed to make a significant impact for any solution.

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APPC-R23 Series at ISE 2024

Introducing Non-glare Displays

Literally standing in the spotlights, we had the perfect opportunity to showcase the benefits of non-glare displays at ISE 2024. Non-glare technology minimises reflections, reduces eye strain, and improves visibility and readability, hereby enhancing the overall user experience.

Our latest additions to the APPC- and IPPC-Series are equipped with non-glare treatment, making them ideal for various environments with challenging lighting conditions.

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Non-glare panel at ISE 2024

Unmatched performance with the IPPC-10SLB-R24

Our IPPC-10SLB-R24 was nominated Best of Show at ISE 2024, and we understand why! This new model, unveiled at ISE 2024, is one-of-a-kind. To date, it’s the only Intel Panel PC powered by Power over Ethernet and featuring a full RGB Surround LED Bar. Nevertheless, the uniqueness of this device lies not only in its individual specs but also in the combination of various cutting-edge features. Combined this makes it our most powerful 10-inch Intel Panel PC to date. Our IPPC-10SLB-R24 is expected to be available in Q3 2024 and now ready for pre-order!

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IPPC-10SLB nominated best of show at ISE 2024

Countless live demonstrations
of ProMGR & ProDVX API

We almost can’t believe the number of demonstrations our technical experts have given regarding our device management tools ProMGR and ProDVX API at ISE 2024.

ProMGR enables businesses to take full control of their devices whereas the ProDVX API allows seamless communication between ProDVX devices and other systems. These game-changers are now available. Contact your account manager or request more information through the button below.

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Live demonstrations at ISE 2024

Innovations at ISE 2024

The best moment to receive feedback? At ISE 2024, of course! We showcased multiple kiosk concepts, featuring our IPPC-22-6201 and IPPC-18-6001 in combination with a printer stand, printer table stand, or table stand.

Additionally, we presented the APPC-15BC, a portable device unit featuring our 15-inch APPC with integrated camera, speakers, and microphone.

We received a lot of positive feedback on these concepts, and more information will be available soon. Stay tuned!

Concept products showcased at ISE 2024

Celebrating our partnership

Celebration partnership with NETGEAR ISE 2024

Meet our new alliance partners


NETGEAR AV is a global leader in networking solutions. We have officially certified select NETGEAR AV switches that support PoE. This collaboration offers integrators the advantage of an easy-to-install and easy-to-use solution while optimising ProDVX Panel PC performance for our customers.

NETGEAR AV partnership announcement at ISE 2024

MVI AudioVisual

MVI AudioVisual is a leading solution provider in conference automation systems. The combination of our (touch) Panel PCs and displays with MVI’s conferencing software allows for the implementation of more cost-effective solutions for meetings with significant requirements for touch panels.

MVI Audiovisual partnership announcement at ISE 2024

This was ProDVX at ISE 2024.
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ProDVX Team at ISE 2024

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