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June 9, 2020
Queuing , Capacity Management
Retail zuil liggend

Display and signage

When entering a shopping mall, chain store or any other retail establishment, it is important for customers to be familiar with the COVID rules applicable at that time.

Digital signage displays enable you to offer visitors accurate information. Another advantage is the option of updating the information on all displays from one centralised point.

For this solution, we have various 22'' devices.

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Lavatory liggend

Queuing & occupancy

How to organise safe access control to toilets in hotels, restaurants and offices? A Signage Display or Panel PC with a motion sensor enables you to easily show occupancy in real time. An effective solution to avoid queuing and ensure that a safe distance is kept between visitors.

You can select the suitable display for every situation on our website.

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Office bureaubooking liggend

Capacity management

To guarantee employees a safe workplace, it will be necessary to regulate the number of employees at the office. Pre-booking a workplace or meeting room makes it possible to easily control office capacity. A tool that helps companies get back to business safely.

ProDVX offers a wide range of displays and accessories for this scenario.

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