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May 14, 2020
Room capacity , Digital menu , Visitor registration
3 Office ruimte capaciteit Definitief

Room occupation or capacity

Implement a room signage or room booking solution to show whether the room is occupied or free or the remaining capacity. Our prize-winning SLB Series is currently being used in a number of room booking and digital signage solutions. The devices come with a Surround LED Bar and are available in black and white, in Intel and Android.

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2 Restaurant self service unit definitief

Digital menu & ordering

Restaurants have the challenge of minimizing interaction with the staff, but at the same time remaining customer friendly. An ordering system might be the solution. They contain digital menus for customers to use and order directly. The LED status lights indicate whether or not a customer is waiting for an order.
We have selected some Intel Panel PCs and suitable accessories that might be appropriate for this solution.

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1 Bezoekersregistratie wayfinding definitief

Visitor registration & policy signage

Knowing who visited your site is important. At the same time, you want to communicate the company's policy on social distancing. Visitor registration is a proven solution and so is digital signage to communicate the policy.
We have selected some of our finest Android & Intel devices and accessories that you can use for this solution.

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