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August 30, 2022

How to save time with a meeting room display solution

30-minutes a day - that is how long an employee on average spends searching for an available meeting room. Combine that with the fact that the number of meetings you attend is rising. That is a lot of time wasted on walking around locating a meeting room or potentially creating a negative vibe between you and your colleagues because you accidentally stole the meeting room they had booked.

Stop wasting time

There is a way to minimize time wasted. The fix is called a Q-Cal Meeting Room Display solution.

A Q-Cal Meeting Room Display solution consists of two things that help you save time. The first thing is the hardware. In this case, the hardware could be a ProDVX APPC-10SLB android based Panel PC. The 10’’ touch screen, placed outside each meeting room, makes it easy to see the name of the meeting room and its schedule.

The second thing is the software. The Q-Cal software is what connects the ProDVX screen to your company calendar. With a two-way integration to your calendar, you can book a meeting room when entering the meeting into your calendar. The booking will then automatically appear on the screen outside the meeting room.

You have probably experienced it a hundred times. Something happens, and suddenly you have to reschedule your meeting. What about the meeting room? - Again, the screen outside the room will be automatically updated based on changes in your calendar, making the room available for others to use.

Screen examel

Why use a touchscreen?

When using a touch screen, you can not only see the name of the meeting room and its schedule, but you can also confirm meetings, end meetings, and make ad-hoc bookings.

This interactive design makes you more effective in your meeting room management.

The confirm meeting feature is a button that you press when entering the room to host your meeting. If you don’t press Confirm Meeting, the meeting room will automatically become available for others. This way, you avoid abandoned ghost meetings. And, because of the two-way integration to your calendar, everything updates automatically. Everyone can see the room is available, also in the calendar.

If you should finish your meeting before time, you just press the end meeting button, and the room is again available for everyone to book.

If you press the Ad-Hoc button on the meeting room display screen, you can book the room for a short meeting directly on the meeting room display, and the meeting room will appear occupied in the calendar. As a bonus, no one will interrupt your meeting because they think the meeting room is available.

Spot Available Rooms From A Mile Away

Okay, maybe not a mile, but you get the point. The APPC-10SLB Panel PC has an LED edge all around the screen. The LED will light up in different colors depending on the status of the room. As a standard, the edge of the meeting room display will turn red if the room is occupied and green when available. That way, you can spot available meeting rooms by their green color, even when standing far away.

Exactly this feature was one of the essential factors for the employees of the Danish company Dansk Industri, when they asked to expand their solution to almost 100 meeting room displays.

Combine Meeting Room Displays And Digital Signage To Get More Value

Have you ever entered a building and wondered in which room your meeting is? If you combine your Q-Cal Meeting Room Display solution with a Q-Play Digital Signage solution, that no longer has to be a problem.

By combining the two solutions, you can get a complete list of your meetings and where they take place, displayed on signage screens all-around your company. Your existing two-way calendar integration makes sure the list is automatically updated. And, when using ActiveMap as an extension to your list, you also get a map of all your meeting facilities.

Whenever a meeting room is unavailable, it will turn red on your signage screen. Thereby letting everyone know it is in use.

With a solution that includes both meeting room displays and signage screens, you not only have a complete meeting layout in front of every meeting room. You can have it all over the company. At the same time, you get the extra value of a signage solution.

The potential of a Q-Play Digital Signage solution is vast. A digital signage screen is basically a digital bulletin board. And with it, you can combine your meeting information with other things like weather forecasts, safety instructions, local news, and much more.

If you want to know more about the value Q-Cal and Q-Play can bring you, then reach out to NordicScreen.

We would like to thank NordicScreen and Camilla for this guestblog and educating us about their Q-Cal Meeting Room Display solution.

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