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September 21, 2021

Scan away with the ProDVX integrated NFC range

Whether you need digital signage hardware for access control or to enable contactless payment, an NFC module is a highly useful application to have in your hardware. At ProDVX, you have the option of choosing hardware with an external or integrated NFC module. But which option should you choose? We’ll answer that question in this blog.


Internal NFC module

One of the benefits of an integrated NFC module is its ease and accessibility. Customers and employees will have no issues when using the NFC. In addition, an integrated NFC eliminates the need to buy external NFC modules. So you have everything you need built into the ProDVX hardware. This way, the touch display can easily be incorporated into custom casings. An example of where this concept is often used is self-service kiosks.

External NFC module

Then there are other situations where you might want to consider opting for an external NFC module. An external NFC module is easily installed onto ProDVX hardware through the Pogo Pin ports in our devices. Our customers often choose an external NFC module when they decide to give their existing hardware new functionalities by adding NFC capabilities.

Practical uses of an internal NFC module

Access Control

Integrated NFC modules have a wide array of practical uses. One such usage situation that many ProDVX customers look for is access control in commercial or healthcare buildings. Access control systems enable management to determine who has access to certain locations inside the building. Want to keep unwanted visitors out? By using ProDVX hardware with integrated NFC modules, employees and visitors can use company-issued cards or keys to access different places in the building. A ProDVX panel pc with a surround LED bar can even signal whether the check-in has been successful.

Self Service Kiosks

Get the most out of your self service kiosk with an integrated NFC module. ProDVX touch displays are often incorporated into POS systems in the retail market. An integrated NFC module creates an accessible way for customers to make use of contactless payments. This way, customers can easily use self-servicing to pay for products. You can also easily install an NFC reader using the Pogo Pin ports to make the POS terminal even more accessible.

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