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Meet the ProDVX IPPC-10SLB: an Intel x86 Panel PC running on Windows 10 to support your smart digital signage solution. This prize-winning piece of hardware is designed to make an impact with its innovative Surround LED bar.

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Connect extra modules

Easily connect a barcode scanning module, NFC module or camera module.

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Why our partners love it

There are many reasons why our partners love the IPPC-10SLB. They choose this device in many different situations:

  • When your solution and content have to stand out from the crowd.
  • When your device is to be part of a secured Windows environment. This is often the case in governmental and bank digital signage projects, where security is top priority.
  • When developing a solution for a device with a powerful Intel x86 processor.

Get inspired by our ARAS security case or discover the details of this prize-winning product.

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Popular solutions

Our partners love to use the IPPC-10SLB for many different Windows digital signage solutions. Here’s a selection of the most popular solutions:

There’s a solution for every situation!

Innovative hardware functionalities

24/7 Commercial use
The IPPC-10SLB is designed for continuous use. Its lifetime is over 45,000 hours, thanks to the Commercial Grade LCD Panel and other premium quality components.

Advanced Processing & Graphics Support
Its improved processing power (x86) and an updated graphic engine guarantees a significantly higher performance.

IPS Panel
With the commercial grade 500 cd/m2 IPS technology you’re able to accurately display image quality and colour depth with no fall-off in colour accuracy, while also achieving an ultimate lifelike colour temperature in both landscape and portrait orientation.

Connect extra modules
Connect any extra modules to the Pogo Pins or USB ports to future-proof your solution.

Software certification
This device is certified by various ProDVX software partners to ensure an optimal interactive experience. Use this Windows 10 digital signage device in environments such as Corporate, Retail, Hospitality and Healthcare.

Favourable price-quality ratio

Be sure to take advantage of the product's favourable price-quality ratio. Its price is the same as that of its predecessors from our IPPC series.

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