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The ProDVX APPC Series, our most popular product line ever, has been used worldwide for interactive digital signage solutions ranging from room signage, self-service and wayfinding, to point of sale, visitor management and digital reception. Now, the APPC-R23 Series is here to take it to the next level!

Available from 7 to 32-inches, the APPC-R23 Series consists of powerful, commercial-grade Android Panel PCs, designed for 24/7 use. Running the flexible and secure Android 11 or 12 OS and featuring a high-quality anti-glare touch panel and a powerful CPU, the APPC-R23 Series is designed to make an impact.

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  • 15.6" Android Panel PC
  • Android 11
  • Power over Ethernet+
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  • 21.5" Android Panel PC
  • Android 11
  • Power over Ethernet+
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Revolutionize your user experience

From meeting room management and point-of-sale systems to self-service and access control, elevate your solution with the new APPC-R23 Series. Equipped with a new powerful processor, a bright anti-glare treated display, high-quality touch panel and running the intuitive Android operating system, the APPC-R23 Series delivers world-class performance for your solution.

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Improve efficiency like never before

Whether you’re looking to facilitate efficient digital reception, easy order processing or intuitive wayfinding, the APPC-R23 Series is designed to boost efficiency of any business process. Through digitalization of time-consuming tasks, your employees can focus their time and efforts onto other critical processes.

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Always the right size

The Android Panel PCs in the APPC-R23 Series range from 7 to 32-inches in size, meaning there is always a device perfect for your needs. The available sizes are 7, 10, 12, 13, 15, 22, 24 and 32-inches, resulting in a diverse lineup suitable for any solution.

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Security and flexibility

Powered by Android 11 or 12, the APPC-R23 Series offers users access to the full range of advantages that the Android platform provides, including robust security features and great flexibility.

In addition, enjoy optimal network security with IEEE 802.1X support for both LAN and Wi-Fi connections. These features ensure the APPC-R23 lineup is our most secure and versatile product line to date.

Enjoy a performance boost

Equipped with a powerful new processor, the APPC-R23 Series provides the commercial-grade performance you require. The series comes with either a quad-core Cortex-A55 processor for the 7, 10, 12 and 13-inch APPC-R23 Series, or a dual-core Cortex-A72 with quad-core Cortex-A53 processor for the 15, 22, 24 and 32-inch APPC-R23 Series.

CPU performance

Reduced reflections

All devices in the APPC-R23 Series contribute to a more comfortable viewing experience with their new anti-glare treatment. By reducing reflections in well-lit environments, visibility is enhanced and eye strain is diminished.

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Effective LED signalling

Employ efficient signalling via surround LED bar, 2-sided LED bars or pogo LED module. The choice is yours.

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NFC options2

Experience seamless connectivity

All Android Panel PCs that are part of the APPC-R23 Series offer a wide variety of I/O ports that allow you to connect your device to any peripheral you desire. You will find different types of USB ports, audio ports, pogo pin ports, Ethernet ports, and many more. From scanners to cameras to payment terminals, you can easily connect any device through the wide range of available I/O ports.

Enjoy a simplified installation process

Whether you're setting up a single device or an entire fleet, a swift and simple installation is crucial. With the APPC-R23 Series, installation becomes a breeze thanks to VESA compatibility and Power over Ethernet*. Moreover, our extensive range of stands, mounts and brackets grants you additional mounting flexibility.

* PoE is not available on 24 & 32-inch APPC-R23 Series

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