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For businesses to achieve the full potential of interactive digital signage, it is crucial that both software and hardware are optimized to work seamlessly together. As a channel-focused manufacturer of (interactive) digital signage hardware such as signage displays, touchscreens, Panel PCs and box PCs, we collaborate closely with software developers to ensure optimal performance of their software on our devices.

This is why we design and manufacture our devices to flawlessly integrate with any software. Software supplied by partners that are found below is officially tested and certified and works with ProDVX devices.

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Applivery offers a leading platform in device management. Using their Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) software, our customers can deploy and manage apps and automate tasks and updates on their APPC-10SLBe, ensuring maximum security on their devices that are used in enterprise environments.
Comeen's platform allows you to connect people and workplaces with an Enterprise-Grade digital signage solution and a Workplace Management product. Create the best place possible for your employees to work from.
connectSignage - room booking, touch infoboard, advertising, wayfinding - master one software and you are ready for any signage project.
Digital Signage solution for the creation of strategic experiences which transform physical spaces and provide data insights and brands value.
The Digital Signage Solution makes managing digital content easy - for every output device, independent of location, operating system, or platform.
Embed Signage
Great Digital Signage starts with embed. Incredible scheduling, beautiful visual builder, custom user roles, widgets, plugins, analytics and lots more
EVA Solutions
Zilverschoon 18
6922 GV Duiven
FAR Networks
Manage your sales meetings and optimize your time with ProDVX hardware
Gingco Systems
Intelligent software solutions: We design, develop and operate one of the leading international booking systems with Gingco Share.
The #1 user-friendly Smart Software platform for Room Booking, Desk Booking, Visitor Management, and Digital Signage Solutions.
ICONICS is an independent software vendor and Microsoft® Gold Certified Partner of award-winning real-time analytics, workplace and IoT solutions for Smart Buildings.
With the help of our intelligent software and smart hardware, Innivo ensures that you get the maximum return from your available spaces and workplaces.
The industry’s only no-code platform dedicated to the delivery of interactive digital content for physical spaces.
komma,tec redaction GmbH
Display Star - The software from premium provider komma,tec redaction for all digital signage solutions
Matrix Booking
Matrix Booking provides world-leading resource booking and workplace collaboration software for organisations to optimise desk, room, and estate usage.
NFS Technology
NFS Technology is an international software and services company with HQ in UK, in business for over 20 years, with over 2000 happy customers.
NordicScreen is a Danish company specializing in software for digital signage solutions.
NowSignage is an award-winning digital signage platform for businesses, offering a user-friendly UI and numerous free features.
PADS4 is a smart digital platform, providing software for smart buildings like Digital Signage, Workspace, Visitor Management, Wayfinding and FIDS.
Reflex Online
Ridderstraat 214
4101 BK Culemborg
Spark Narrowcasting
We create involvement, interaction and visibility in your own style within your organization. The right information displayed in the right place at the right time.
Store Media is a Central European provider of sensory marketing services (In Store Radio, Digital Signage and Aromamarketing).
Discover all features of the Telelogos software solutions, including workspace management and digital signage.
Smart workspace management made easy and effective with UMA’s software-as-a-service, delivering real-time resource management, detailed analytics and insights; hybrid working made smart
Wallboard is a cloud-based digital signage content management software that lets users customize and broadcast dynamic and interactive content to any digital display network.
YAROOMS workplace experience software helps companies track their carbon emissions while managing people and spaces in a hybrid work environment.
Zebrix is a digital signage solution enabling remote control of screens and contents from your web browser or mobile device