Subaru Belux x Digitopia Group x GoBright x ProDVX

Enhanced productivity, efficiency, and comfort at Subaru Belux

With over 40 years of experience, Subaru Belux is an authentic car brand committed to building vehicles for true enthusiasts and those who dare to stand out. To ensure productivity, efficiency, and comfort of its employees, Subaru Belux understood the importance of creating a smart office workspace. Nevertheless, such a transformation also brings significant challenges.

Facing the Challenge: Creating a Smart Office

A smart work environment opens the door to many possibilities: satisfied employees, attractive workspaces, and a more dynamic organisation to grow. Therefore, Subaru Belux decided to take the next step in creating a smart office environment. Among their requirements was the provision of comfortable and fully equipped meeting rooms. But first, they needed an effective strategy and, of course, the right data and tools to achieve their goal.

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Combining expertise with Digitopia, Dustin, and GoBright

To establish and implement an effective strategy and gain quick access to the right data and tools, Subaru Belux partnered with Digitopia Group, a full-service agency specialised in corporate digital signage and interactive solutions, and Dustin. Among other recommendations, Digitopia Group advised implementing a room booking solution, comprising software by GoBright and hardware by ProDVX.

Software by GoBright

By implementing GoBright’s Room Booking Software, employees can easily check meeting room availability and book a meeting room within seconds and at any time. They can book a room ad hoc via a room booking panel or do it in advance using the integration with their existing calendar system.

GoBright’s software integrates with Microsoft Outlook and Teams, and Microsoft Teams Rooms, facilitating optimal office collaboration in flexible workplace environments. Moreover, GoBright’s Room Booking Software seamlessly integrates with ProDVX hardware, ensuring consistent and excellent performance.

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Hardware by ProDVX

For this project, our APPC-10SLB is used as the room booking panel. This 10-inch Android Panel PC is the perfect device for room booking solutions, thanks to its full RGB surround LED bar. The LED bar enables Subaru Belux’s employees to quickly determine whether a meeting room is available or not.

Additionally, the APPC-10LSB ensures a next-level user experience, making it ideal for ad hoc room booking. With Power over Ethernet+ capability and a VESA mounting frame, customers can enjoy hassle-free installation at each meeting room, without the need to extend the building’s power grid.

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Popular hardware for room booking

At the Subaru Belux office, there are two meeting rooms that can be combined into one larger meeting room. When booking this larger meeting room, the booking system merges the two separate resources into one entity. As a result, among other things, the surround LED bars of the APPC-10SLBs on the outside of the rooms work perfectly synchronously.

The result & benefits for Subaru Belux

The provided room booking solution aligns perfectly with Subaru Belux’s smart office vision, ensuring that meetings can be conducted professionally without frustrations or wasting valuable time. Employees can now better organise their time and space while in the office, enhancing productivity, efficiency, and comfort in the workspace.

Additionally, this solution enables easy and flexible adaptation to current (and future) ways of working and collaboration.

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