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März 28, 2024

ProMGR is here! In this blog, you will discover everything you need to know about our new device management software, ProMGR. We will provide answers to the questions: What is ProMGR? What are its benefits? And how can I get started with ProMGR? Enjoy the read!

What is ProMGR?

ProMGR is a device management tool designed to empower businesses with advanced system monitoring, real-time diagnostics, and remote management capabilities. This software aims to revolutionise operations by delivering insights into system health, minimising downtime, and enabling proactive maintenance.

ProMGR consist of two versions: ProMGR Kiosk and ProMGR Cloud. Let’s explore the differences between the two versions.

Pro MGR deployment

ProMGR Kiosk

ProMGR Kiosk is the application that operates on the device, enabling kiosk functionality. Providing Device Security Management, ProMGR Kiosk allows full browser access as well as the option to set the device to kiosk browser mode or kiosk single app mode. This enables you to authorise specific browser pages or a single app to automatically start and run on your device, preventing users from stopping the app or exiting the browser.

Additionally, ProMGR Kiosk offers device policy, local feature management, and launcher management. These features enhance device security, flexibility, and user experience, while simplifying device management.

ProMGR Cloud

ProMGR Cloud offers a cloud-based account, encompassing all the benefits and features of ProMGR Kiosk and more. In addition to ProMGR Kiosk, ProMGR Cloud provides remote management capabilities, allowing users to manage devices either as a group or individually, and to remotely perform application, operating system, or firmware updates. Moreover, ProMGR Cloud includes user, application, policy, and file management features, fully unlocking the potential of ProMGR.

Features of ProMGR Kiosk and ProMGR Cloud

The benefits of ProMGR

ProMGR offers numerous benefits for both our end-customers and channel partners. Explore them below!

Benefits for our end-customers

  • Establish a secure kiosk system without the need to invest in complex software.
  • Robust security features ensure enhanced device security.
  • Increase ROI by converting any application into a full kiosk application.
  • Monitor device status, gaining insights in system health, minimising downtime, and enabling proactive maintenance.
  • Achieve seamless deployment and management of applications and settings.
  • Access remote support possibilities, including remote firmware updates.
Pro MGR security

Benefits for our channel partners

  • System integrators can use ProMGR for enterprise provisioning, retrieving all applications and settings as directed by the provisioning file.
  • Resellers can offer display management as a service, eliminating the need for any device preparation before installation.
  • Our software partners can now fully focus on developing app functionalities and easily manage the distribution of application and firmware updates.
Pro MGR remote management

We are proud to collaborate with software partners who have their own MDM and/or EMM platforms, offering additional functionalities and possibilities, that can be seamlessly integrated with ProDVX devices.

How to get started with ProMGR

Have we triggered your interest? Great! Allow us to guide you through the initial steps of getting started with ProMGR, as there are various options available. Currently, ProMGR is compatible with all Android Panel PCs and Android Box PCs running Android 8.1, 9, 11, and 12.

1. Android-R23 Series

Starting from Q2 2024, all new ProDVX Android models (R23 Series) will come equipped with the ProMGR agent software pre-installed in the firmware. Prior to usage, ProMGR needs to be activated. For assistance with activation, please contact your account manager or sales@prodvx.com.

2. Previous Android models

For deployment on non-R23 models, we provide an ADB procedure which is available upon request. For further details, please contact your account manager or sales@prodvx.com.

Get in touch

If you have any questions regarding ProMGR, the test environment, cost indication, and/or ordering ProMGR, please contact one of our experts via sales@prodvx.com. We’re happy to provide you with more details about our new device management tool ProMGR.

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