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April 15, 2024

Meet the ProDVX API! In this blog, you will learn more about how our REST API facilitates seamless communication between ProDVX devices and software applications. We will provide answers to the questions: What is a REST API? What are the benefits? And how can I get started with the ProDVX API? Enjoy the read!

What is the ProDVX API?

What is the ProDVX API?

The ProDVX API is a Representational State Transfer Application Programming Interface (in short, REST API). It acts as a middleman, allowing your software to easily communicate and exchange data with your ProDVX displays.

The API has two main functions:

  1. System access: it provides secure access to specific system features, such as the LED controller, without requiring your application to be signed with system or root access.
  2. Model agnostic implementation: it facilitates identical software implementation across various ProDVX Android models.

Implementing the ProDVX API on your devices opens doors for greater automation, control, and streamlined communication between applications and ProDVX devices. More about the benefits will be discussed later in this blog. First, let’s explain why we created this API.

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The benefits of the ProDVX API

The benefits of the ProDVX API

The ProDVX API offers numerous benefits for both our end-customers and channel partners, including:

  • Ongoing development and maturity;
  • Access to device information and status;
  • Access to system functions, even without having your application signed for system access;
  • Support for both remote and local development;
  • Unified access to controllers (e.g. LED) in a structured manner;
  • A model-independent interface that facilitates unified communication between software and hardware across our whole range;
  • Default support for HTTP protocols;
  • Enhanced security with encrypted tokens: the API is accessible only through an encrypted token generated specifically for your application.
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These benefits can be grouped into one overarching advantage: simplified software development for ProDVX devices. By simplifying the integration process and facilitating optimal compatibility between software and hardware, our partners can fully focus on delivering value to their end-customers.

How to get started with the ProDVX API

Have we piqued your interest? Let’s explore the next steps!

The ProDVX API is free of charge and currently compatible with all Android models running Android 8.1, 9, 11, and 12. This includes our R23 Android Panel PCs - except for the APPC-10SLBe - Android Box PCs, and UltraWide Signage Displays.

Starting from Q2 2024, all new ProDVX Android models (R23 Series) will have the API application pre-installed in the firmware. For deployment on non-R23 models, we provide an installation and activation procedure, which is available upon request.

Please contact your account manager or sales@prodvx.com for further details.

Get in touch

If you have any questions regarding the ProDVX API, the installation and activation procedure, or if you would like to request a demo, please contact one of experts via sales@prodvx.com. We’re happy to help!

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