Special offer on our 22” Android SOC Touch Displays!

Applicable to APPC-22EL and APPC-22DSK

Tags Promotion, APPC-22EL, APPC-22DSK
Author Cecile van der Linden - van den Aker
Date april 1, 2020

Regardless of the COVID-19 situation, ProDVX is in good shape. Our production is up and running. Every now and then, we like to highlight some of our products. This time, the spotlight falls on our APPC-22EL and APPC-22DSK.

Why you need the APPC-22EL and APPC-22DSK
• High-quality 22” Android SOC Touch Displays.
• Proven Technology for Wayfinding, Price Checker, Queuing and many more applications.
• Designed for commercial use (24/7) in various markets such as Office Automation, Retail, Healthcare, Government, Education and more.

Order before April 30th and receive a discount of between 5% and 10%! Get in touch with our team via sales@prodvx.com. More information about the products.

This offer is valid from April 1st through April 30th and applicable only to APPC-22EL and APPC-22DSK as long as stocks last. ProDVX terms and conditions apply.

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