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Improve patient experience by adding digital touchpoints across your healthcare location.

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Author Cecile van der Linden - van den Aker
Date december 8, 2020

Improve patient experience by adding digital touchpoints across your healthcare location. This ultimately improves patient satisfaction by allowing patients to check-in without any effort, benefit from an optimized queuing system and browse easily.

ProDVX Ultra Wide Signage Displays

Stand out with the UltraWide Signage Displays

Communicate the benefits of new products by informing customers through our 28" UltraWide Signage Display and use it to increase sales. The UW displays are also available in 24 inch and 37 inch.

The Android-based UltraWide Signage Displays can be displayed horizontally or vertically to attract the customers’ attention in promotions.

Check out the 28 inch UW display

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Receive more insights with smart signage solutions

Improving patient experience starts with measuring patient satisfaction. Ask for their feedback with easy-to-use customer feedback solutions on our 12" Android Panel PC with PoE. Analyze the feedback to improve the service and provide the requested range of products.

How to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction

Medical liggend

Provide directions and information with an iKiosk

A wayfinding solution is a time-saving way of helping guests find their way in large establishments, such as hospitals, by giving clear directional guidelines to various destinations.

To enhance the overall customer experience it's helpful to provide an easy-to-use and safe patient check-in process by providing an all-in-one touch display for fast registration.

ProDVX displays are commonly used to provide detailed information about an establishment using a directory. We have selected a range of displays that might be useful for your mapping or other self‑service solutions.

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